It takes a COMMUNITY…

We would like to share a project that is near and dear to our hearts….

Peanut Row Alley!

We at the Howell DDA, along with other Howell partners, have been working to re-imagine one of downtown Howell’s favorite alleys! The result includes transforming Peanut Row Alley into a pedestrian plaza & outdoor art gallery complete with comfortable seating, decorative lighting, art, and plenty of fun!   

Imagine Peanut Row alley as a place you don’t just want to walk through, but you are drawn to! To relax, to play, and be inspired. Imagine a space where residents and visitors come downtown just to see, sit, and stroll in a vibrant and cool alley environment behind the 100 East block of Grand River Ave. Here you will enjoy art, outdoor seating with friends, twinkling lights, and games connected to downtown boutiques and unique dining venues.

Go HERE to learn more and to donate to this amazing project!

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