Classes at Finding Roots are open to anyone wanting to learn from our amazing Maker Community!
Whether you are you ready for some fun or expanding your knowledge, we are here to help! If the timing of our public classes doesn’t fit your schedule, round up the minimum number of participants and schedule your own private gathering! Classes are also available to schedule as part of a birthday gathering and many can be adjusted for various ages.

To Register, stop in at the store, or call 517-295-4673
If not paid in full, all classes require a $10 deposit to secure your spot

The music from the Native American Flute is soothing to both the listener and the player! The “Bent Tree Flute Circle” offers adults a chance to unplug and explore an amazing ancient instrument in which the music comes from the heart and soul of the player. Native American flute music can be soulful, happy, and haunting. In ancient times it is known to be music to attract love. Come and learn with seasoned players, and each other!

Share in the magic of the Native American flute!

In this class, you will learn to create a pendant with multiple trees by bending and twisting wire. Different types of stone beads will be available, to pick from, that will be added to the wire to create the leaves of your trees. Each type of stone has it’s own meaning and purpose. Pick one or more types that speaks to you. A stone guide will be provided. All supplies are included with class fee. You will leave the class with a completed wire wrapped tree pendant.

Along this adventurous journey, we will experience the ebbs and flows time is sure to bring. As our path winds through various terrains, we are drawn to various items, symbols or beings that may bring us comfort and wisdom along the way. This special jar is meant to hold those tokens, offering a visual reminder that we are not alone and that we are constantly being guided if we are open to seeing. We truly have within us all we need for our dreams to become our reality. An amazing collection of well-varied tokens, assorted mini jars and all other materials included, along with a choice of affirmations to display from your unique jar.

The idea of the “Mala” necklace has been around for centuries, arriving in a wide variety of titles depending on the culture creating them. You may have heard the term mala, rosary, or prayer beads, and yes, they are all related. In simple terms, regardless of what you call it, the necklace is a tool to help you stay focused and dedicated to finding peace within. In this class, learn a bit of the fascinating history behind the mala, the story behind its structural numbers, and then create your own personal version using organic components including various stones, wood and bone. All supplies included, along with a mini reference booklet for personal notes. You will be wearing your Spirit Necklace home to help you find your peaceful way!