Alpacas & Me!

Come take a selfie with an Alpaca on a field trip to my Howell farm! Take a walk with these fuzzy-fleecy animals as we learn where they came from, what their fleece is used for, and how to sort and grade it.  Experience a hands-on demonstration and explanation about hand crafts, needle felting, spinning and weaving. Make a craft to take home. Kids can be dropped off (with signed release form), or parents are welcome to stay and enjoy the quiet mystery of Alpacas.

Please wear appropriate farm clothes that can get dirty, and rain boots or extra shoes that can be worn just at the farm, so they can be placed in a bag on the way home.  This is a farm, and dirt & droppings can be found most anywhere.  Although I don’t plan for anyone to step in droppings, it may occur.

In case it’s raining or too cold to be outside, we’ll have a make-up day.

Please be aware that this is a working farm, where trip hazards and other unforeseen circumstances may exist. Please discuss this with your children prior to field trip day. 

TO REGISTER:  In-store at Finding Roots or by calling 517-295-4673