Farm to Table to You!

Ever wonder where your food comes from? How does it get to your dinner plate anyway? Why are fruits and vegetables so many different colors? Why should I eat those fruits and veggies anyway?

During this class we will explore the concept of healthy eating by answering these questions and more! We will focus on food that comes from the earth, and learn why eating a nutritious diet is the foundation for building the most important person…YOU! In fact, food is one of the most important things that influences how you feel and function each day. There will be information provided on where to find/access local farms in Livingston county. Each key concept discussed will involved a hands-on and/or inquiry-based activity.

Come ready to learn, have fun, and get inspired to become a healthier person through this educational class.

TO REGISTER:  In-store at Finding Roots or by calling 517-295-4673