Painted Rocks Geology

HSS 0928 PaintedRocks


Heard of the “Painted Rocks” craze that’s sweeping the globe?  In this program, we will embrace its original intention of promoting kindness, inspiration and community by creating our very own “Kindness Garden” of rocks for the local community to share.  Combining science and art, we’ll also experience the geologic rock cycle through hands-on demonstrations, then paint various rocks for our “Kindness Garden”.  Come join the fun!

Appropriate ages: 7 and up (PARENTS ARE WELCOME  to pay and participate in the class).  Younger children may be allowed in class on a case-by-case basis.  Please call Finding Roots and find out how to contact the instructor about your younger child participating.    

Parents can drop child(ren) off for class, and return to pick them up at the end of class, after signing a waiver that’s available when dropping off.  

TO REGISTER:  In-store at Finding Roots or by calling 517-295-4673